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boats sail on the rivers and ships sail on the seas

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boats sail on the rivers and ships sail on the seas

Post by Apple White on Sat May 24, 2014 9:47 pm

tamayuki omura

27. model. motherly. rebellious. aya kamiki.

geeks do not have pedigrees or perfect punk rock resumes or anorexic magazines it smells like girl, it smells like girl she walks over me she walks over me hold you close like we both died my ever-present suicide my stupid fuck, my blushing bride oh tear my heart out, tear my heart out

tamayuki is well known for being the ex wife of ulysses aka lil' apollo with their 5 and a half year relationship  being talked about a lot in the media that some were upset over their divorce since they literally thought of them as hollywood's power couple. she also has a huge modeling career that she was often the cover girl for maxim a couple of times. she has a lot of motherly instincts, but she just never uses them. tamayuki is also a huge fan of rock music and is commonly seen wearing t-shirts of many bands from popular to local bands just as long she digs the sound. it'd be cool to have her sorta stir things up in this plot i'm doing with cat for the ulysses/lucille relationship yeah.

Apple White
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Re: boats sail on the rivers and ships sail on the seas

Post by Ulysses Richardson on Sun May 25, 2014 4:01 pm


Ulysses Richardson
Ulysses Richardson

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