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QUEEN, sephora

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QUEEN, sephora Empty QUEEN, sephora

Post by Sephora Queen on Fri May 30, 2014 10:45 pm

sephora jane queen

You bought a star in the sky tonight
Because your life is dark and it needs some light
You named it after me, but I’m not yours to keep
Because you’ll never see, that the stars are free

Oh we don’t own our heavens now
We only own our hell
And if you don’t know that by now
Then you don’t know me that well

All my life I’ve been so lonely
All in the name of being holy
Still, you’d like to think you know me
You keep buyin’ stars
And you could buy up all of the stars,
But it wouldn’t change who you are
You’re still living life in the dark
It’s just who you are
It’s just who you are

FULL NAME: sephora jane queen

NICKNAME(S): seph, phora

AGE: sixty-one

BIRTHDATE: august 25, 1952

PARENTS:edna grace queen (nee. woodberg), 84, retired; robert frank queen, 89, deceased (death at age 78 from dementia)

OCCUPATION: talk show host


PLAY BY: dolly parton

Hello, errybody! You may know me for being the host of my talk show The Sephora Queen Show! I was born in the early 50s, so I remember errybody bein' obsessed with The Beatles, discos, and all sort of things like that. My father was in the army for some time when I was a child, so my mother and I were always watchin' the news 'cause we don' want father to die in 'ta war. We grew up in 'da south, so we always went 'ta church praisin' the lord and saying our blessings. Muh mother always made 'ta best apple pies in 'ta neighborhood. I rememba' father comin' home from 'ta war anf afta' his comin' home party, he was as drunk as a three eyes spider on a blue tick dog. Afta' growin' up in Jawja all ma' life, I moved to Los Angeles bringin' all my southern traditions and eventually finding 'ta love of ma' life, a country musician, but afta' we got married, I kept ma' last name 'cause my talk show started around 'ta time, and I didn't want to confuse y'all. That's about all, I got about 'ma life.

hi, i'm xaria!

i also play jupiter, ulysses, valentina, lorraine, and cayla.

Sephora Queen
Sephora Queen

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QUEEN, sephora Empty Re: QUEEN, sephora

Post by Apple White on Fri May 30, 2014 10:50 pm

you have been accepted! Please fill out all of the claims and start roleplaying!
Apple White
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