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SLADE, James

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SLADE, James Empty SLADE, James

Post by James Slade on Sat May 03, 2014 7:01 pm

James Slade

It's hip to be a square
Hip, hip, hip
So hip to be
Hip to be a square

FULL NAME: James Slade

NICKNAME(S):Sometimes Marles calls him 'daddy' or 'senpaiii desu kyuu!! O_O'

AGE: Twenty-seven

BIRTHDATE:December 11, 1987

PARENTS:Mother's age and job is unknown; Father's age is unknown but he works as a bacon centric porn star.


MARITAL STATUS:Dating Marles Chanson, but the two have a kid together.

PLAY BY: Christian Bale

James grew up in a higher class family in the nicer part of a large city. As a kid, he had a rather intense fascination with films and had a dream to one day be able to direct and write his own films successfully.
His family was rather wealthy, and because of this he was able to get an excellent education, and have a nice start to his ‘career’ as a film director and screenplay writer for films. He was able to attend a nicer college, and graduated with a major in English as well as a degree in film studies. Since then, James has directed a few music videos, and is currently working on his debut (short) film, which will, of course, be non-union (as if that wasn’t kind of a given). He's currently in a relationship with Marles Chanson, who is his main muse, and is also often used in his films. The two have a kid together named Huey Buscememe Lewis Jr.

hi, i'm alias!

My name's Cat, and I am currently 14 years old. My time zone is CST and I've been roleplaying since about 2009. This forum was basically created by Xaria to continue a Tumblr roleplay we were both part of for a long time.  

James Slade
James Slade

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SLADE, James Empty Re: SLADE, James

Post by Apple White on Sat May 03, 2014 7:16 pm

you have been accepted! Please fill out all of the claims and start roleplaying!
Apple White
Apple White

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