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Post by Apple White on Fri May 02, 2014 11:18 pm

the below are the rules that'll help there be peace on CELEBRITY SKIN. please abide by them, and we all can be in happy fun time land.

• if going by movie rating standards, this site would be considered in the PG-13 range, so please only join if you're at least 13 unless you're mature for your age
• please join with a realistic name for your character, we don't care if you join using the character's stage name if they have one
• there is no character limit; just don't hog all of the awfully popular fcs that you commonly see on other rp forums and keep all of them active in one way or another.
• we accept all kinds of roleplayers, so don't let your experience stray you away from joining us

• please don't go around making topics saying that you found stuff in the toilet, it's utterly pointless and will fill the forum with junk
• you must reply to a topic in its current discussion; don't add things that have nothing to do with it
• there is no minimum word counts ooc as there isn't ic, just don't just type "k" unless you're on the chatbox
• don't double post as there's an edit button for a reason
• you may advertise in the website part of your profile, signature, and the advertising board. please don't do it in the chatboxes.
• the forum isn't about popularity; keep it ic where popularity of your character matters. no one cares about how popular you are in school.
• don't argue with the staff. i repeat: DON'T ARGUE WITH THE STAFF!
• don't beg to be a staff member since it'll obviously get annoying and it'll decrease your chances.
• don't discuss hacking or hacking the forum. it's internet etiquette, guys.
• don't share account info with anyone except for the tabloid account as anyone can contribute to the tabloids whether by pming them gossip to post or contributing it yourself on the account.
• don't make a thread targeted towards a specific user, keep it in the pms and ooc chatbox.
• no inappropriate pictures, cussing is obviously allowed. also, don't using any racial, religious, homophobic, or transphobic slurs. be a decent human being.
• don't give out any personal information since you don't know who is behind the screen.

• play your own characters, it's pretty self explanatory.
• we don't allow perfect characters nor any characters with an awfully awfully dramatic backstory (think fifteen/hillside dramatic). they must have some sort of flaw(s) since no one is perfect.
• obviously no graphic sex. either fade to black, move it to pm, or move it to like chatzy.
• we allow pregnancies and all sorts of huge events, just get permission from a staff member.
• please don't kill someone else's characters unless it's for some sort of plot.
• don't post overly mature subjects unless you put m for mature in the topic description. smutty stuff is fade to black or move to pm or chatzy.

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